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Free Trailer - I Don't Wanna Wear My Diaper!

Alex ReynoldsApricot PittsHarley HavikF/FBlondeHumiliationPretty DressPowderCotton PantiesSpanking OTKAlex Reynolds is visiting her friend, Harley Havik. The two high school girls are trying to hang out together but Harley's little sister, Apricot Pitts, keeps bothering them. Harley keeps trying to get her sister to leave them alone, saying that she's just a dumb little baby. Apricot tries to argue that she's a big girl, but Harley tells Alex all kinds of embarrassing stories about her little sister. She tells her about how naughty she is and how often she has to get spanked. She even tells her that Apricot wets the bed and describes in detail how their parents react: cleaning her up, giving her a spanking and then putting her back in diapers!

Apricot is mortified that Harley has shared this very embarrassing information with her friend, but things are only going to get worse for her. Harley, with Alex's egging on, decides that Apricot has been naughty just then by annoying them and decides that she needs a spanking right this moment. She puts her little sister over her knee and pulls up her cute, pink dress to spank her bottom. She explains to her friend what the best way to give a spanking to her naughty sister is, and even lets Alex spank her as well.

The girls decide that spanking Apricot over her pink polka dot panties is not enough and pull them down to give her a bare bottom spanking, making her go over Alex's lap, too, as her bottom grows pinker and pinker. The girls laugh and tease poor little Apricot about being a bedwetter as they both spank her together.

Then, Alex suggests that if Apricot is going to be hanging around them, it's likely that she might just pee in Harley's room since she can't seem to control herself! Harley agrees and decides that it's best for them to put Apricot into a diaper right then and there. Apricot protests, insisting that she's a big girl and that she does not want to wear her diaper, but there's nothing that the helpless little girl can do.

Alex helps Harley lift and open Apricot's legs, leaving her embarrassingly exposed while her sister positions her adorable Fabine diaper and covers her little princess parts with baby powder. Then the two girls tape her in, then try to get her to show off the diaper. Apricot doesn't want to, so the girls give her a diaper position spanking on her padded bottom.

Finally, Apricot gives in and does as her sister says. The girls tease and torment her some more, tickling her in an attempt to force her to wet her diaper. She holds out, and the girls give her an ultimatum: go to the store with them with her diaper on (the baby print shows through her thin dress) or wet the diaper then and there. Apricot still doesn't pee herself, so the girls get her ready to go out. Hopefully, they'll run into some of her classmates there!
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