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Free Trailer - Ashley's Little Accidents

Adriana EvansAlex ReynoldsAshley BelleF/FSchool UniformHumiliationEmbarrassmentBlondeBrunettePigtailsSpankingAshley Belle wants so badly to be one of the cool kids, so she's excited when she gets assigned to share a room with popular girls Adriana Evans and Alex Reynolds on her school trip. She's pretty much willing to do anything to get them to hang out with her.

Unfortunately for poor little Ashley, Adriana and Alex are a couple of very mean girls. They confront Ashley about the fact that she had an accident on the school bus earlier in the year. Ashley denies it, claiming she just sat on a juice box. But if the cool kids are going to share a room with Ashley, they don't want to get peed on. They've come up with a solution though: Ashley just needs to get put back in diapers.

The girls PROMISE they won't tell anyone, because they don't want poor Ashley to be so embarrassed when everyone at school, including the boy she likes, finds out about this. But if Ashley doesn't want to wear diapers, that promise is off, and Alex and Adriana are going to their teacher to tell him they want to change rooms because Ashley is a bedwetter.

Wanting to be liked and afraid of being teased, Ashley gives in and lets the girls put her in a pink princess diaper. But once they have her legs up to powder her bottom, Alex suggests that Ashley needs to be punished for arguing with them. So the girls take turns holding Ashley's legs up while the other spanks her cute, round bottom in the diaper position.

Once the girls are convinced that Ashely has been taught a lesson, they make her suck her thumb and hold her teddy bear to show what a baby she is. Once she's being compliant, they make her tell them what really happened on the bus. Ashley confesses to having a medical problem that makes it hard for her to control her bladder and admits to several other accidents. Alex and Adriana, still promising to tell no one while laughing quietly to each other, have the perfect solution: they'll just have to keep Ashley in diapers for the whole school year. It will take the pressure off her to avoid peeing her panties!

Ashley proves how badly she needs this when the girls check her diaper and discover that she's already discretely wet herself sometime in the past fifteen minutes. They are going to need more diapers for this girl, and they take her out to the store in her wet diaper to get them.

This is one of the hottest movies that we've made for Spanked and Diapered yet! Ashley is so sweet and innocent. You can see her trying to be a big girl but falling back to her natural, babyish ways, especially as Alex and Adriana tease and bully her. The "mean girls" dynamic is captured perfectly. And Ashley's wet diaper was an actual surprise to Alex and Adriana-- she seems to have a nervous bladder. It's a good thing we have lots of diapers on hand for her.
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