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Free Trailer - Diaper Initiation Ritual

Alex ReynoldsTai CrimsonF/FOTK SpankingBlondePaddleHumiliationCotton PantiesWedgiePowderPacifierPretty DressNightwearAlex Reynolds is a popular girl at her school, and at the center of a clique. She's had her eye on a sweet new girl named Tai Crimson. Not only is Tai adorable, but it's so clear that she's more than a little eager to please, and this is exactly the kind of friend that Alex is seeking. In order to get the privilege of hanging out with Alex and her friends, to be invited to all their exclusive parties, to go along on their shopping trips and adventures and to have a place at the coveted "popular girls" lunch table, Tai is going to have to show that she's dedicated to being in the friends group. She's much younger than other girls, so she's going to be the baby of the group...and Alex means that very literally!

She explains to Tai that she's going to be initiated with a series of tests to prove that she'll be a good friend and obey the older girls. To start with Tai ends up over Alex's lap for a spanking. Her cute little bubble butt turns bright red very quickly. Tai is wearing a pair of very full cut, conservative panties that hide her adorable booty, though, and Alex tells her that this is certainly not what cool girls wear. She gathers up the material and pulls it into a tight wedgie while she lectures Tai about the kinds of panties that she expects her friends to wear: cute and flirty ones only!

Tai's spanking isn't anywhere near over, though: Alex produces a leather paddle and gives Tai hard swats with it while still holding her panties in a wedgie. You can see bruises start to form on Tai's bottom, but Alex isn't done testing her dedication. It's a long, hard spanking, but it's not all that's in store for poor little Tai.

Once Alex is satisfied that Tai has been spanked enough, she strips her of her dress and changes her into a baby onesie, and she pops a pacifier into Tai's mouth. Then she cleans Tai with a baby wipe and powders her before taping her into a cute diaper with a very babyish print. Then she snaps Tai's onesie shut and tells her that she's in luck: she *does* get to hang out with the popular girls. In fact, she gets to right now: Alex is going to arrange a movie night so that everyone can see Tai in her sweet baby look. Tai is clearly so humiliated, but the poor girl is willing to do anything to make friends, so she glumly agrees, even when Alex lets her know to expect everyone to laugh at her.

Tai Crimson was an absolute joy to work with. Spanking, wedgies, diapers, and humiliation are all big kinks for her, and her response to everything was very hot. Trans girl Tai has an innocent face and such a gorgeous body, and we get more than a few views of her sexy cock as she's forced into diapers. Watch for more films from this little cutie pie soon!
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