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Free Trailer - Naughty Touching

Alex ReynoldsElla RaineF/FPajamasNightwearCotton PantiesMasturbationBlondeBrunetteSpankingAdorable little Ella Raine is ready for bed. She's dressed in some precious, babyish pajamas and has her teddy bear, but she isn't sleepy. Instead, she's focused on a different sensation, one that is drawing all her focus. Despite having been warned about this naughty behavior by mommy many times, Ella slips her pajama bottoms off and starts to rub the gusset of her purple cotton panties. She moans with satisfaction and continues to explore her princess parts, pulling her little panties down to better access this forbidden but oh so desirable area.

Unfortunately, mommy Alex Reynolds catches her little girl in the act with her panties down and her hand exactly where it isn't meant to be. She scolds Ella sternly, then makes her kneel up and push her round little bottom out for a hard spanking. Ella whimpers and wiggles as her pert bottom turns a dusky rose, then redder and redder. When mommy pulls her panties down, evidence of her earlier arousal is visible in the form of a glistening sheen on her exposed vulnerable areas.

A hand spanking is not enough, so Alex gets a hairbrush and begins to correct naughty little Ella with it, scolding and shaming her for not being able to resist temptation and keep her hands to herself. When Ella seems deeply embarrassed and very sorry, you might assume that her punishment is over. But Alex has a way to assure that Ella won't be running herself in her panties any time soon.

She comes back with a vintage Rearz Spoiled diaper and takes her time laying Ella down to be diapered, then carefully opening her legs and powdering all her naughty areas. Ella is so embarrassed by the humiliatingly childish treatment, and equally frustrated that she was unable to finish the task at hand before being caught.

Being spanked and powdered and diapered did not quell Ella's desire, but when she's left alone, the diaper serves its purpose and makes it very difficult indeed for Ella to touch herself. Unenthusiastic to give up, she folds a pillow in half, mounts it, and humps it. She stokes and grinds her diapered covered pussy against the pillow until the good feelings overwhelm her and she finally gets the orgasm she's been desiring.

And now she can get to rest.
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